Our school governors are volunteers who wish to make a positive contribution to our children’s education, and as such, they play a vital role. In partnership with the Head they help to shape the future direction of the school.

The Governing body of Rolvenden Primary Consists of 10 governors in total.

The membership is made up as follows: 

  • 5 Co-opted Governors
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • 2 Parent Governors
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 1 Headteacher Governor

We have a circle model of governance with all governors taking additional responsibilities to support the school in providing the best education possible.

Click here find out more about the details of our current membership, and all governors who have been in post during the last 12 months.

And please click here to see business interests of all governors as declared in September 2017.

Nick Sermon

Chair of Governors (Co-opted)

I have lived in Rolvenden for 12 years and work as a Primary School Teacher in a small school in near New Romney. My son has been at the school for 4 years and I feel that the school should be a part of the life-blood of the community and without the support of the village it cannot achieve this.

As I work in education, my passion is to ensure that our local young people have an outstanding education and I am committed to supporting the school in achieving this aim.

Jane Burnham

Parent Governor

I am a parent at the school, and a local swimming teacher, with an IT background. We chose Rolvenden Primary School as one of the smaller local schools for the area and we have not been disappointed. The staff work hard to bring the best out of each and every child and the children enjoy working with them. I take an active role in fund-raising for FORS and help out with the school activities where possible.

Julie Hodgkins

Co-opted Governor

I first lived in the village 24 years ago and all 4 of my children have attended the school. I am currently a member of several community groups including the Village Hall Committee and the local church - mainly through my husband - the Vicar! I co-ordinate collections for Ashford Family Foodbank and Christmas Cheer in schools and churches. My husband works for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Society and Farming Community Network, so I can be found at Ashford and Hailsham markets in the school holidays.

I consider it to be highly important to support our village school to ensure a good education for all our local children.

Ellen Jones

Staff Governor

I initially started work at Rolvenden back in 2002. I have taught in most year groups, but especially enjoy teaching those first steps in learning in Foundation Stage / Year 1.

I love the close relationships between staff, children and parents. I haven’t found another school like it.

Finding out what makes every child unique and tapping into their own skills and areas of interest is the most exciting part of my job.

Sue Morgan

Co-opted Governor

I have lived in Rolvenden for the last 20 years and been involved with the Primary School since 2007. I originally trained as an accountant, working in London before taking a career break to bring up my three children. Having retrained to assess and teach dyslexic learners, I now work part-time at Benenden School in the Academic Support Department. I am also a governor at Dulwich Prep Cranbrook.

Nikki Payne

Co-opted Governor

I was a parent at the school for many years and like my children loved being a part of this wonderful community. My youngest left Rolvenden two years ago. Unlike my children it would appear I am not ready to move on. As a governor I hope to continue to help the school nurture and amplify what makes it so special.

James Tibbles

Interim Head Governor

I’ve been working in schools since 1997 where I started out as Teaching Assistant and Midday Meals Supervisor. Working in a school environment was incredible and I then went on to train as a teacher, qualifying in 2001. I have been a head teacher since 2012 and I’m loving the opportunity I have to work with the staff and children of Rolvenden School.

The most exciting part of my job is the variety – every single day is different and I love coming to work in the morning.

Jo Tompsett

Parent Governor

I was a pupil at Rolvenden myself and all four of my children have attended the school, so it feels a natural extension to be a governor.

I have many years experience working with children, parents and staff in schools, pre-schools and as a childminder. I have a particular interest in the Early Years Foundation Stage and supporting those with Special Educational Needs.

Jennifer Webb

Co-opted Governor

I worked in the City for 10 years before leaving to have a family. I have been a governor at the school my three boys attended, Marlborough House School, for 9 years. At Marlborough House School I am on the Education Committee and with special responsible for EYFS and primary, and I'm delighted to have the opportunity to share and develop my knowledge in these areas as a governor of Rolvenden.

Jenny Wynter

Vice-Chair Governor (Local Authority)

I have always been interested and involved in Education. Before I retired from full time teaching I taught in a variety of different schools across England. Be it a Yorkshire Midddle school or Tonbridge Grammar school I have always thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

My aim as a governor is to help create a happy, stimulating and creative environment for both learners and teachers. This involves talking to the pupils and staff and giving them the chance to express the outcomes they hope to achieve from their time at Rolvenden school, then, hopefully, helping to set up opportunities that enables them to realise their ambitions.