Oak Class children are ready to fly and tackle a new ‘grown-up’ environment.


Miss Whitlock

I started at Rolvenden in 2016 and have taught Year 1 and 2 for the past year and a half. I enjoy a practical approach to teaching as I feel it helps the children remember their learning with more excitement and enthusiasm. I readily encourage the children’s creativity and independence to allow their own ideas to shine through their work.

As an artistic person myself I like to give the children opportunities through art, drama, D&T, creative writing and practical science to explore their skills. We always take a hands-on approach in maths to ensure each and every child knows how to handle their work with confidence.


Miss Jones (Miss J)

During my years at our lovely little school I have worked within all the classes from Foundation Stage to Year 6 and qualified as an HLTA. I think it is a key part of my role to support the children in every aspect of school life – especially those that may find this difficult. I have also found a passion for understanding what makes a child tick and have specialised in understanding and managing behaviour.

Within my role I also manage our phonics program, RWInc, and teach Art-anoon in Key Stage 1 which is enjoyed by all.

Our curriculum

Each class follows their own topic through which most of the National Curriculum subjects are taught. We have selected topics to stimulate and inspire our children, allowing them to work effectively, independently and collaboratively. Topic Titles could be: Tipis, Tomahawks and Totem Poles, Jack Frost, School of Rock or Fire, Fire! Click below to see the termly newsletters which add a little more detail of what the topic entails.

Other links

You can find out more about the National Curriculum and our Phonics programme under Key Information on our website.

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