Day 2 at Bowles

After our first night’s sleep we devoured a hearty breakfast of cereal, toast and croissants.

Today we were split into our two groups for the day’s activities. It was a busy day with two activities in the morning and another one in the afternoon.

Group A had a day of zip-wiring, low-roping and climbing. The children had to work cooperatively to ensure the activities were carried out correctly and that the children in their group remained safe at all times. The children enjoyed the low ropes and the thrill of the zip wire. It was the afternoon that saw the children achieving and exceeding their personal targets they had set themselves during the morning. They found they could go higher and drive themselves forwards further than they expected due to sheer determination and support from their friends.

Group B participated in Archery, Raft Building and our second session of skiing.

The children followed all the instructions given by our instructor Phil and so our success rate of hitting the target was really high. They especially enjoyed the pizza team game that finished our session. The children were patient to wait their turn and showed plenty of encouragement for each other. In raft building in the pool the children were amazing at teamwork. Knots were tied, barrels balanced and a wooden structure built. The children were so enthusiastic to try out their raft in the pool and almost forgot they had a task to do. They took it in turns to be captains and engineers to move the raft and collect what was needed.

In our afternoon the children have made fantastic progress skiing and are making their way up the dry slope. We have reduced the number of falls – especially when simply standing still!