Day 3 at Bowles

Another jam packed day bursting full of activities.

The two groups swapped yesterday’s activities but the massive difference was that today we had SNOW!! So, Group A skied in the morning on an actual snow covered surface which caused much excitement! Like Group B their skills are really developing quickly – I’m afraid we may have some children requesting skiing holidays soon. In the afternoon it was their turn for archery and pool rafting. They performed very maturely with their ‘weapons’ (bow and arrows!) and demonstrated the correct technique to fire consistently well. They then had a pizza-making challenge in which they had to fire at the coloured rings of the target in a specific order to create a pizza. This improved their aiming even further and most were consistently hitting the board with their arrows. The raft building presented a different challenge: containing one’s excitement to jump in the pool while finishing the construction of the raft! The task involved lots of leadership and communication with each other which they all performed well with.

A snowy zip line was the first challenge of the day for the children in Group B. The zip line proved not to be the biggest challenge. It was the ladder, followed by the tree staples that they had to climb before they got up to the zip platform! Once tackled, those that reached the platform found it was a much easier to get the zip down than face the climb down! They did a short low ropes course before embarking on the climb. The children were very brave and excited to be climbing, but soon found it was more challenging than they initially thought. Despite this they smeared, jammed and mantled their way to the top. All the children met their personal targets in the climb – some exceeded them.

After our dinner we grouped together for a Team Challenge and Night Walk. The children were led to the woods in helmets and then blindfolded – yes, their reaction was much the same as yours! However, they were lined up one behind the other with a hand on the shoulder of the person in front and another hand on the rope. They had to work their way around an obstacle course  absolutely hilarious to watch and apparently much fun to be part of. Then we went off on our Night Walk with our torches off. We waited for our eyes to become accustomed to the dark before setting out on our adventure. We looked at the stars, listened to owls and had a game amongst the trees – but they’ll tell you all about that!