Football focus

On 10th October members of Yr 5 and 6 attended a football tournament in Marden.

These outstanding boys won us the tournament!

Here is a match report from Adam our goalkeeper.

Our first match was against Collier’s Green.  We had some amazing attacks from Alfred and Ollie.  Our star defender had to be Raphie, who made brilliant tackles, although most of the play was in our attacking half.  In the end, we won 1-0.

Then, our second game against Benenden – we really thought it would be tough.  There were many fabulous saves from Adam (goalkeeper).  A lot of play in our defensive half, but with the wonderful passing of George, Ollie, Alfred and Harlen, we got the ball in the net.  This was quickly followed by another cracking goal, ending the match 2-0 to Rolvenden.

Our final match: Rolvenden vs. Sissinghurst.  By then, we were pretty confident, but it was the hardest of all – they had some brilliant midfielders.  They didn’t get many shots, because they would get tackled by Callum or Raphie and it would end up as Ollie or Alfred scoring yet more goals, ending the match as a 3-0 win.

At the end of the tournament, we had scored 6 goals, conceded 0 and won the competition, bringing home the trophy!

By Adam Lee (Year 6)