Our broad and creative curriculum is developed to incorporate children’s interests, our environment and the strengths of our staff.

The Rolvenden Curriculum

Our School has its own Creative Curriculum which is based upon the requirements of the EYFS and National Curriculum.

Each class follows their own theme through which most of the National Curriculum subjects are taught. We have selected themes which will stimulate and inspire our children, allowing them to work effectively, independently and collaboratively. For every subject, the teachers have carefully mapped out the skills which will be taught and the knowledge to be imparted and all of these documents can be downloaded from this Curriculum Hub.

The Overall Rolvenden Themes Map is available below:

Support for Parents

We know how tricky it is for parents to navigate through the jargon of the curriculum. To help, we run regular workshops for our parents which explains how we teach; the kinds of activities which the children complete in class and how they can help at home. Recordings of these sessions are available for you to watch here.

The Nitty-Gritty


The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework aims to build a secure foundation for children to progress through school life. It is a framework for children from 0-5 years of age. In Hazel Class, the teachers use this information to inform their planning and assessment.

For a Parents’ Guide to the EYFS Framework please click here:




The National Curriculum

The curriculum for children in Years 1- 6 is based on the National Curriculum. Co-ordinators have used this structure and identified appropriate resources to support the delivery of the key areas. The subjects within the National Curriculum are: English, Maths, Science, Art, Design and Technology, History, Geography, Languages, Computing, Physical Education, Religious Education, Personal Social and Health Education (including Relationships and Sex Education) and Music.

A Parents’ Guide to the National Curriculum can be viewed here:


Our Curriculum and the Equality Act 2010

All of the staff at Rolvenden are aware of the Equality Act 2010 and the necessity to ensure that our curriculum ensures that all staff, students, parents and people beyond the school are equal regardless of religious beliefs, sexual orientations, gender and gender identity.

We respect, recognise and value differences and build in opportunities to explore diversity. Positive relationships and attitudes are fostered throughout the school and this creates a culture where negative or harmful attitudes can be challenged.

All of our classrooms are inclusive and training is regularly held for staff to ensure that we have the highest standards for all of our students, especially those most vulnerable.