EYFS at Rolvenden

If you have any further questions, please contact our EYFS Teacher, Mr Heath.

As the EYFS themes cover a wide range of subjects, we have collected the knowledge organisers here rather than grouping them with individual subjects. As with the other year groups, we operate EYFS on a two year cycle, although several of the themes are very similar between Cycle A and Cycle B.

Hazel – T1 A – All About Me 2022 Hazel – T2 A – Light and Colour 2022
Hazel – T3 A – Under the Sea 2022 Hazel – T4 A – Growth
Hazel – T5 A – Once Upon a Time Hazel – T6 A – A Long Time Ago
Hazel – T1 B – All About Me Hazel – T2 B – Space
Hazel – T3 B – Polar Regions Hazel – T4 B – People Who Help Us
Hazel – T5 B – Growth Hazel – T6 B – Animals