We are delighted to work closely with our Parent Association – ‘The Friends of Rolvenden School’.

Why FORS exists…

In its time FORS has raised thousands of pounds to improve school equipment and resources to enhance our children’s education.

Events hosted by FORS have become regular and eagerly awaited dates in our children’s calendar – making their time at our school even more memorable. Many of these events also have the added benefit of supporting the national curriculum, as well as reinforcing our values and our strong community ethos. A few of our children have even thought of our Woodland Day as a national event loved and celebrated by all!

FORS exists to provide closer links between home and school. It is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and friends together socially in support of the school.

Who is in FORS?

All parents of pupils are automatically members of FORS.

Everyone is invited to get involved and make a difference to our children’s education. There is a committee that primarily meets to discuss events and agree how the money raised should be spent. It is chaired by a parent with other members, including parents from every year group, and some of our staff. FORS is known for being a friendly, approachable group with lots of laughter! Our meetings are normally around 15-20 members…last years AGM had over 40 members attend. We meet occasionally after school or in one of Rolvenden’s pubs after the children go to bed.

FORS Documentation

Please find below the latest documents from FORS.

AGM Minutes – 4th October 2022

FORS Accounts 2021-2022


How you can get involved…

There are lots of ways you can help and support your child through FORS.

Offering to help before or during events is so valuable. Many hands really do make light work. You can help even if you can’t get into the school as there are always small jobs that can be done from home e.g. sourcing craft supplies or emailing potential sponsors. Sometimes a project needs the involvement of particular skills e.g. carpentry or cooking. Maybe you have a new fund raising idea?

FORS is a registered charity and a member of the NCPTA.

All FORS information & updates are sent home via Dojo. We also have a private Facebook Group. These both include information on forthcoming events and requests for helping hands!

We also advertise our meetings on the whiteboard, on the wall in the playground.

Our AGM – Annual General Meeting is held in September. Please do come along and hear what happened in the previous year and perhaps suggest something we might try in the coming year. It is also when we elect new committee members.

How do we spend our money?

Our staff have a shopping list of things the school would like to purchase. Sometimes this will be the result of children asking for something. Other times it will be for resources to improve a particular areas of the curriculum or school environment.

Previously FORS have used their ‘pot’ for:

  • The School Library – a wonderful ‘make-over’, new books and new soft furnishings.
  • We also bought new outdoor equipment for the Foundation Stage outdoor learning environment.
  • New play blocks for foundation stage
  • New additions to the Nature Garden
  • New sports equipment
  • Money towards the children’s Dojo rewards

FORS Draws

Join Rolvenden’s very own lottery, raising funds
to improve the experience your child has during
their time at school.

For just £5 a month (or £60 annually),
you can buy your own lottery number,
entering our monthly draw.

1st Prize – 20% of the total Up to £100 *
2nd Prize – 10% of the total Up to £50 *
3rd Prize – 5% of the total Up to £25 *
Double Prizes in December and July draws!

For more details and to join – Joining FORS Draws

Downloadable Leaflet

Spread the word about FORS and help publicise our events by downloading the leaflet below.

FORS Leaflet

You can also join our Facebook Page by clicking the link below.

How you can help FORS

• Amazon: raise FREE donations when you shop online! Join Amazon Smile, choose Friends of Rolvenden School as your supported charity. Then shop on smile.amazon.co.uk or on the app.

• GivingMachine: raise FREE donations when you shop online! Join GivingMachine on https://shopandgive.thegivingmachine.co.uk, choose Friends of Rolvenden School as your supported charity, then look for your usual online merchant on GivingMachine before shopping.


Foreign / former Money: bring your foreign money or former £ coins, FORS can exchange them against fundraising money.

• Canterley Publishing: buy the book “Rolvenden School: a history”, on
http://canterley.co.uk/rolvenden-school-a-history/, this brings royalties to FORS.

• GiftAid Donation: as an HMRC registered charity, we can claim gift aid on some donations. Please get in touch with FORS (treasurer.fors@gmail.com) for more details.