Meet the school’s wonderful staff!

Mrs. T McIntosh

Executive Headteacher

Mrs McIntosh started working at Rolvenden Primary School in November 2021.

More information will follow soon.

Mr B. Vincer

Head of School / Class Teacher

I started teaching in 2012 and have been lucky enough to work with children of all ages throughout my career so far. I moved to Rolvenden in September 2019 as Deputy Headteacher and progressed to Head of School in May 2022.

My passion is English and I enjoy teaching using the 'Talk for Writing' and 'Talk for Reading' methods which I was introduced to at a conference in 2015. I lead the English curriculum for both Rolvenden and Tenterden and enjoy working with children and adults to help improve the quality of writing and reading.

Rolvenden is a lovely school and a great place to work!

Mrs N. Crowe

SENDCO / Class Teacher

I joined the Rolvenden team in January 2020 as Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. I feel very privileged, that as part of my role, I get to work with lots of children and their families from across the school. No two days are ever the same in this job!

I also teach Holly class on a Friday and co-ordinate both PSHE and RE across the school. I am passionate about well-being and mental health across the school and have recently introduced Zone of Regulation as a way of supporting children’s emotional well-being.

Mrs S. Antrum

Teaching Assistant

I started working as a childminder in 2002 and then built up a career in education. After completing my Level 3 in Childcare I went on to study for an honours degree and PGCE with Early Years Teacher Status.
I joined Rolvenden School in January 2019 as a temporary TA for year groups 1, 2 and 3 but I’m now back where I belong with the Foundation Stage children!
Mr Heath and I met at university so it’s good to be working together now with our great team in Hazel Class.
I live locally on a farm with my husband and we have four grown-up children who all came to Rolvenden School.

Mrs E. Catt

Joint Office Manager

I have been part of Rolvenden Primary School since 2006. First as a parent, then as the lollypop lady and now, I find myself in the heart of the school as Office Manager on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.

From my little corner of the office, I love to hear the hum of the school and have been privileged to witness a small school make a BIG DIFFERENCE to children of all abilities.

Mrs M. Charlton

Teaching Assistant

I feel so privileged to be part of the Rolvenden Team. I cannot think of another job where you leave at the end of the day with a smile on your face as big as the one you came in with. During the past ten years, I have worked with children in various roles, from the ages of six months to eleven years all of which have taught me that every day you learn from the children as much as they learn from you. Every hurdle, tear and disappointment children experience is far outweighed by joy, achievement and ‘lightbulb moments.’ I simply love my job and always will.

Miss C. Dowdeswell

Teaching Assistant

Miss Dowdeswell joined us in September 2020 and is enjoying getting to know the children in Hazel Class!

Mrs A. Gregory

Teaching Assistant

I have been privileged to work at Rolvenden since 2019, starting as Lunchtime Supervisor and Road Crossing Patrol, and since 2021 as TA in Willow Class. I love the inclusive warm feel Rolvenden has for children, parents and staff. I particularly enjoy developing children’s creative writing ideas, and I also enjoy our Create lessons covering History and Geography. I love to support children pastorally to understand feelings, emotions and behaviour, I find this element of my work so rewarding.

Mrs R. Golan

Teaching Assistant

I’ve been a teaching assistant for fourteen years, the past seven being at Rolvenden. I have worked as a class TA in Key Stages 1 and 2 and also as a 1:1 support assistant. Over the years I have accumulated a degree of expertise in children’s learning and development with a special interest in speech, language and understanding.

I currently work in Holly Class with years 5 and 6. This can at times be challenging, but at the same time very rewarding.
I am also responsible for running the School Council and helping with the restoration of the Library.

Mr R. Heath


I have been working in the Early Years sector for over 10 years now, having found my passion for teaching babies and young children early on in my career. In 2018, this lead me on the path of becoming a Primary School Teacher and I joined the Rolvenden team in 2019 - two of the best decisions I have ever made!

As the Hazel Class Teacher, I am responsible for the newest and youngest members of the school and I love providing my class with a stimulating and enabling environment where they may thrive and achieve their full potential. I take great pride in filling their days with as many encouraging, challenging, and enriching experiences as possible. I feel privileged to have this pivotal role in the early lives of children in such a family-centred, tight-knit community school.

Mrs S. Hughes

Joint Office Manager

My first job in a primary school was over 20 years ago as a teaching assistant/librarian in a large school with over 500 children in the borough of Bexley. I then moved from the classroom into the school office.

I have been working in the school office at Rolvenden since 2009. I love the variety of my work, no two days are ever the same! Our School is a wonderful place to work and I feel proud to be part of our school community and privileged to watch our children grow through their school life. My days in the school office are Monday and Tuesday.

Miss E. Jones

Class Teacher / Higher Level Teaching Assistant

During my years at our lovely little school I have worked within all the classes from Foundation Stage to Year 6 and qualified as an HLTA. I think it is a key part of my role to support the children in every aspect of school life – especially those that may find this difficult. I have also found a passion for understanding what makes a child tick and have specialised in understanding and managing behaviour.

Mrs K. Kaczmarek

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kaczmarek joined us in 2019 and works in Oak Class.

Miss L. Diamond

Class Teacher

Miss Diamond joined us in September 2022.

Miss M. Milton

Teaching Assistant

Miss Milton joined us in September 2020 and is enjoying getting to know the children in Hazel Class!

Mrs H. Reynolds

Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

Previously I have worked as a paediatric ward sister and for the last 5 years a community school nurse - I’m sure these experiences will help me along the way!

Rolvenden is a fun, exciting place to learn but occasionally children and their families will face challenges along the way. I am here to offer support and advice or to be a ‘listening ear’. If I can’t help I’ll aim to find someone who can! Together we can overcome these barriers, ensuring that each and every child at Rolvenden is given the chance to achieve their full potential.

Ms R. Wellsted

Kitchen Manager / Clerical Assistant

I joined the Rolvenden team as the dinner lady in February 2016. I like to make certain I follow the high standards of hygiene and love hearing lovely manners from the children. My favourite part of the job is helping the staff to ensure that the children eat healthily.

In 2020, I took on a second role as Clerical Assistant, working with Mrs Catt and Mrs Hughes in the School Office.

Miss H. Whitlock


I started at Rolvenden in 2016 and have taught Year 1 and 2 for the duration of my time at this lovely school. I enjoy a practical approach to teaching as I feel it helps the children remember their learning with more excitement and enthusiasm. I readily encourage the children’s creativity and independence to allow their own ideas to shine through their work.

As an artistic person myself I like to give the children opportunities through art, drama, D&T, creative writing and practical science to explore their skills. We always take a hands-on approach in maths to ensure each and every child knows how to handle their work with confidence.