We regularly survey staff, children and parents to get their views on the school. This information is used to further develop the offering here at Rolvenden.

Our most recent survey was carried out in October 2022 and the results of that are shared with you on this page.


We were very pleased with the outcome of the survey and have analysed it in order to celebrate successes with staff and identify potential areas for development.

You can download a .pdf version of the report by clicking the button to the left or you can read the report by scrolling down this page.


Overall, the outcomes from the survey were very positive, with every question, with one exception, increasing in the percentage of ‘strongly agree’ or ‘agree’ responses since the June 2022 survey.

The following are a sample of the positive comments which were received through the comments box at the end of the survey:

  • “An amazing school with fantastic teaching staff. Highly recommend. My Son is very happy. Thank you.”
  • “The school feels more like a community than an institution. Keep being a small school making a big difference.”
  • “Children love coming to school and always have positive comments to say about each of their teachers.”
  • There were also comments around positive transitions and the induction package for new students to the school.

Response – We are delighted with these comments and they have been shared with the staff – thank you.

The following are a few areas which were raised as potential developmental areas:

  • No Bag Policy

Response – Whilst the no-bag policy was introduced as a Covid measure, this has allowed staff to make more use of the limited space in several of the classrooms. We have also been able to grow our ‘Dojo economy’ scheme which encourages the children to take responsibility for their equipment and also spend their dojo points on enhancing their pencil case – all valuable skills for transfer to secondary school and beyond.

  • Positioning of Inset Days

Response – Inset days are set by the Trust for all of the schools under the TST umbrella. Whilst they are primarily a day for staff training and can be located anywhere throughout the year, the Trust have ‘bookended’ several to the February half term, along with two at the beginning of the year and one at the end of the year to enable families to have additional days with the termly breaks. Other days are spread throughout the year to maximise the effectiveness of the training for staff.

  • Provision for SEND children.

Response – All of our staff undergo regular inclusion training – both from Mrs Crowe, our on-site SENDCO, and from external agencies. We support all children to achieve their potential through making adjustments to teaching – these can be small or large. Staff use the mainstream core standards as the framework on which to make these adjustments. A parent friendly guide can be found here for more information – https://www.kelsi.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/117257/Special-educational-needs-mainstream-core-standards-guide-for-parents.pdf

In addition, we are going to launch a weekly parent newsletter to help you understand the learning which is going on in class and staff will re-evaluate the use of Class Dojo and explore whether there are more opportunities for the use of Class Dojo Portfolios.

There were also several class specific comments raised throughout the survey. As it was an anonymous survey, we are unable to follow these up but would like to invite any parents who have concerns to make an appointment with Mr Vincer, Mrs McIntosh or Mrs Crowe to discuss them in more detail.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. The next opportunity will be in February 2023 but please do contact us if you have any feedback in the meantime!