Kingswood Day 3

Well if we thought yesterday was busy then this one was even busier!

The morning kicked off with a hearty breakfast. The boys and girls have been in the separate teams for most of the day today, but have completed all the same activities albeit with different group leaders.

We also had a very special visitor in the form of Mrs Thomas today. We all needed a fierce determination to tackle ‘Powerfan.’ This activity involves climbing up a thick telegraph pole (while attached to a harness) until you reach a metal platform with a handrail. Once you are on this platform you just walk off the end of it. You plummet to the floor and before impact are slowed down to land. The pole was really very high. Most of the children went off the platform but everyone went up the pole, leaping off at heights they felt challenged themselves.

We’ve also experienced fencing, problem solving obstacles and orienteering,  as well as re-visiting Aeroball at lunchtime, over the course of the day. This evening we enjoyed Mini Olympics – teamwork games which were race based. It was very amusing and competitive with everyone getting involved.