Kingswood Day 4

And so we come to our last full day…

Thursday has been a day where we have spent more time together than apart! Our day has been filled with Archery, Climbing, Swimming, Obstacle Challenge Courses and Scrapheap Challenge.

The children learnt how to manage their bow and arrow when in Archery and some struck the target with venom! The children learnt how to load up their bow with the arrow and use 3 fingers to pull back the string.

The children had to work together in Obstacle Challenge Course to go over large hurdles, net ropes, climbing walls, monkey bars and zip wires.

In Climbing, the children learnt to support each other on the indoor climbing wall. They were split into teams; one child was the climber, one child was attached to the other end of the rope and the others in the team all helped to keep hold of the rope. It was really interesting to see how the random groups worked together. Everyone went onto the wall, searching frantically for places to hold onto or to push up from. We discovered tricky parts where the rock face protruded, making it hard to navigate over.

The children loved getting the opportunity to use the indoor pool, with a game of water polo set up and a diving area.

In Scrapheap Challenge in the evening we created, I can only describe them as ‘interesting’ costumes out of pieces of cardboard. These costumes then had to be re-arranged into a protective casing for a water balloon. We tested the protective casing by dropping it from the upstairs of a building.

There’s lots of excitable giggling as it’s our last night tonight – wish us adults luck!