Hazel Class is brimming with excited, active learners from Foundation Stage and Year 1.

Mr Heath

This is my first year at Rolvenden, and I can’t wait to help the children get the absolute most out of their time at this lovely school.

Finding out what makes every child unique and tapping into their own skills and areas of interest is the most exciting part of my job.


Mrs Smith

Mrs Smith

This is only my second year of teaching at Rolvenden. I love working in the EarlyYears and with the younger children. The chance to see them make huge progress is one of the best parts of the Job.

Not only do I love the Foundation Stage but Early Reading and Writing is a passion of mine.

Mrs Charlton

Mrs Charlton

I feel so privileged to be part of the Rolvenden Team. I cannot think of another job where you leave at the end of the day with a smile on your face as big as the one you came in with.

During the past ten years, I have worked with children in various roles, from the ages of six months to eleven years all of which have taught me that every day you learn from the children as much as they learn from you. Every hurdle, tear and disappointment children experience is far outweighed by joy, achievement and ‘lightbulb moments.’ I simply love my job and always will.





Own learning

FS children have chunks of Own Learning time throughout the day. This is a time where they can guide their own learning and make independent choices. It is the adults’ job to scaffold their knowledge, extend their thinking through careful questioning and sneak in some learning while they play!

From Term 2 the Year 1 children have less Own Learning time where they start Yr 1 Challenges. These are fun, curriculum-based challenges they can choose between during their Own Learning time.

Teacher Directed

Teacher directed activities are dotted throughout the day. These are shorter learning sessions with an objective delivered by the adults. It is at these times we teach specific areas of Maths, Literacy, Science and other subject skills. The children may then have independent or group play based activities to explore what’s been taught.
The children in Year 1 have slightly longer teacher directed activities.

Have a look below at all that we have planned for this year so far.